Dads, daughters and sons packed in a weekend’s worth of fun at this year’s winter campouts this past February. Girls and boys competed in games, sled down snow-filled hills, and hunted for plates during the day while a Council Fire followed by bingo concluded the night activities. The children then played until they were exhausted enough to fall asleep on the hard, wooden bunks or until their dads said that it was time. Into the early morning, dads huddled around the roaring campfire exchanging tales of past glories and failures while enjoying the camp chef’s burgers, dogs, and even some more exotic creations. A group of dads peeled off into the cabins to play card games. One by one dads trickled into the cabins. Eventually the cabin lights went dark and the camp fire burnt itself out. Campers grabbed a few hours of sleep before they made the journey home with new tales to share with their families.